UV both-side curing machine JHCI-424TC-UD enables to cure lower part as well as upper part performed in the PCB, screening printing coating processes. In case of existing UV system, upper and lower part curing system are split causing a lot of burdens in the facility investment cost and occupation of broad setup space.


JHCI-302C produced as an ultra-low temperature UV curing machine is designed for UV curing in a low temperature in a variety of film, PC, and PET manufacturing process. Through the JECO’s own adsorption system (AIR SUCTION), JECO developed the temperature maintenance system that may keep ultra low temperature of 40 degree or less while maintain a high amount of light.


JHCI-102C-UD JECO UV curing machine is designed for each UV lamp to be mounted on upper and lower parts to enable to cure both sides in one equipment. Therefore, it can be effectively used for the production of a variety of electronic parts as well as PCB coating (Conformal Coating).