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CEO’s Greetings

Under the management philosophy of

“Let’s be the best joy”

Jueun UV Tech Co. Ltd. is running to be an excellent global company which grows by providing customer with joy and benefit, loving members of the company like a family and furthermore, contributing to development of the world and attributing glory to the world.

We thank all of you for your encouragement and advice.

Jeuen UV Tech Co. Ltd. is only company in Korea which develops UV Curing machines, UV Lamps independently and supplies relative UV LED products, UV adhesives and other UV applied products. Company also contributes to the development of mobile, electronics, optical, printing and chemical industries.

Performance and excellence of our products are recognized in and out of Korea and we will respond to customers’ requirements with the best joy by continuing development of new technology for UV relating products and quality improvement. We at present are exporting our products to Japan, China, Taiwan and Southeast Asia and doing our utmost for further activated export.

We, all of the members of Jeuen UV Tech Co. Ltd. will advance toward the world through new challenge with the best product and keep trying our best to strengthen your competitiveness as your best partner.

Thank you.

Jueun UV Tech Co., Ltd.
CEO, Gwang Seok Lee